How to choose my size?

Girdles can help you to shape and enhance the authentic figure of your body, but it will always be necessary to choose the right one to get good results and wear them in an aesthetic, comfortable and safe way.

Use our measurement chart to help you choose the right girdle for your body.

What care should I take when putting on my shapewear ?

Make sure your hands are clean and dry.
Avoid using rings, handles or any sharp element to avoid tearing or breaking the garment.
Check that the hooks are properly placed.
Do not wear during pregnancy.

I have never used girdles, which one do you recommend me?

As this is your first time using a girdles, we suggest yo start with a medium compression one.
The stage 1 collection shapewear will be the most suitable for you.

Is this shapewear made in Colombia?

Yes, all our garments are made in Colombia with the highest quality Colombian raw material.

How often should I wash my girdle?

Every time it is necessary.

We send a washing bag as a gift so you can take care of the girdle at the moment of washing it. Put it in the bag and then put it in gentle cycle and low temperature in the dryer.

Should I wear underwear with my girdle?

Not necessarily, this shapewear is designed to be like your second skin. It is an intimate garment

If you feel the need to wear something else underneath, we suggest that it be very discreet, to avoid it from rolling up and finally being noticed over your clothes.

Can I sleep with my girdle?

If you are using a girdle after a surgery, the recommendation is to use it without interruption.

It is not recommended to use the waistband or latex vest to sleep, it is not breathable and could cause respiratory problems. We recommended to use it for a maximum of 6 hours per day.

We strongly recommend to consult your specialist before using one.

Can I reduce or adjust my girdle when I feel that it no longer fits like before?

Yes, normally it can be adjusted up to two sizes down, as long as it is done by an expert to preserve its original shape.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service.

Is there a special girdle to use after childbirth or liposuction?

Yes! we have designed the stage 1 collection specifically for afterbirth and plastic surgery due to its softness and practicality and medium compression.

Don't forget to consult with your specialist.

Can I apply fat burning cream or gel to wear my girdle?

Absolutely, in fact it is a good ally to achieve more effectively your goals.

Make sure that the product is completely absorbed and then put the girdle on.

It will soon be available in our product line.

What is the abdominal board for?

Specialists recommend this type of board to use it after surgery or childbirth so that the skin returns to its natural state and the recovery process is faster.

Do you do wholesale sales?

Yes! if you are interested in selling our products, please contact us at wholesale@colombiantropics.com We will contact you as soon as possible.